The Castellan

Feast of the Castellan

Welcome to the Middle Ages

Meet the Castellan and he will tell you the story of Turku castle. While Dukes and Counts ruled over far away Finland, the Castellan, also known as the Bailiff or the Sheriff, was the Swedish King’s right hand and governed the city. The Castellan will show you his domain on a private tour of the castle before you settle down at the bountiful tables in the Lord’s Hall or the Duke’s Cellar. During the tour and the dinner the Castellan will tell you about the castle and its history, the people that lived there and the habits and customs of old. The troubadour will join the feast, making it even more entertaining, playing and singing songs from ages now forgotten. At the Feast of the Castellan no-one is left hungry or thirsty as the tables are plentiful with food and drink typical of this time. Local ingredients are used with careful consideration in making a dining experience that even the King himself would approve of. Beer and Wine are the most important drinks of this time but the Castellan is also known to have a wide variety of exotic beverages in the Castle Wine Cellar for the guest’s enjoyment.

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